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Weekly Update #14

Hi Friends,

There's something challenging about writing a weekly update when the major focus in your life is establishing and sticking to a routine where you pretty much do the same things at the same time every week.

Some highlights from the gaps between my regularly scheduled programming:

Lex Fridman Podcast

I rediscovered Lex's podcast this week and have listened 4 recent episodes. I first heard Lex's podcast I think in late 2018 when he was just getting started. It has improved a lot since then and he has great guests come on to share their stories and ideas.

The ones I listened to this week are:


  • How to Win Friends and Influence People: I finished this book this week. It's very good. It's the kind of book where the insights are obvious in hindsight and difficult to apply in practice.
  • One Up on Wall Street: This is a sort of beginner's investing book by famed mutual fund manager Peter Lynch. I'm almost halfway through this one. I enjoy Lynch's writing, and his investing philosophy lines up with much of what I've been learning from Graham, Buffet, and other value investors.

Stay safe and see you next week ❤️