I’d like this blog to take after the great Slate Star Codex and adopt an ethos, rather than a particular subject.

The things I want to write about and share are too varied to fall under any umbrella like “programming” or “politics” or “psychology”. I think an ethos is a great way to get across a sense of what a blog is about without having to constrain yourself too much in what you can include on it.

The ethos for matthewroll.com is: internet community and citizenship.

Internet community is the idea that real meaningful relationships can be created online. It’s the idea that you have a much greater chance of “finding your people” online than you do in the mostly random circumstances you find yourself in offline. It’s the idea that art and culture and useful things can be created by people coming together to do something impressive even if they live thousands of miles away from each other and never meet in person.

Internet citizenship is the idea that building and maintaining good internet communities takes hard work and careful thought. Being a “citizen of the internet” comes with certain responsibilities. That list probably includes many of the same items you would expect to find on a list of responsibilities of a “citizen of democracy”, but I want to highlight one thing in particular here. Other than being nice and respecting peoples’ rights and staying well-informed, I think being a citizen of the internet means working to make the internet the place you want it to be.

I want the internet to be a place to learn, hang out with friends, and build cool stuff.

And so that is the ethos of this blog. I post about things I learn, things I am trying to figure out, things that I just think are fun or cool, and things that I’m building – all in the spirit of contributing my part to the internet communities that have already done so much for me.

I love getting email from people. If you have anything you want to chat about, send me a note at mproll@pm.me.

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