About this site

Hi there šŸ‘‹ my name is Matt. Here are some things about me.

I found a love for tennis when I was five, and played competetively until college. I got really good, but not good enough to play D1. Fortunately I had discovered programming at that point. I fell in love and did a degree in CS.

After college I got a job at a small startup. I spent four years there doing all sorts of work: data pipelines, cloud infra, frontend js, devops, machine learning. I learned a lot, but eventually it was time to find the next thing. And so in the summer of 2022 I joined Stripe. Now I build tools to help internet platforms protect their businesses and customers against fraud and credit risk.

In my personal time I like to read and write. Iā€™m interested in world history, economics, physics, investing, software engineering craft. I like self-hosting free software, making new friends on the internet, working out, reading, walking my dog, trying new restaurants, and other chill things.